1. The amino acid that “activates” muscle growth is:

  2. The branch chain amino acids consist of:

  3. Which supplement can help reduce inflammation after a workout?

  4. Which of the following supplements help produce strength?

  5. Supplements, in general, are a waste of money.

  6. The optimal protein powder to consume after a workout is:

  7. A greens powder is an excellent anti-catabolic supplement after your workout.

  8. Which vitamin and mineral have been linked to low testosterone levels?

  9. What is the number one supplement to improve sleep?

  10. A multi vitamin/mineral supplement can assist in muscle growth and fat loss.

  11. To accelerate muscle growth after a workout you should consume:

  12. Creatine is the safest and most effective strength-building supplement.

  13. It’s critical to “load up” on creatine to experience its benefits.

  14. An electrolyte drink is better than just plain water during a workout.

  15. A practical way to consider if a supplement is worth your hard earned money is to see if it's passed the “test of time” which is:



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