1. To optimize muscle growth you should consume approximately how much protein per day?

  2. To optimize muscle growth you should consume approximately how many carbohydrates per day?

  3. To optimize muscle growth you should consume how many calories per day?

  4. I can build muscle without consuming 8-12 serving of fruits and vegetables a day.

  5. The only way to gain muscle is to get extremely fat in the process.

  6. Intermittent fasting will help me build muscle.

  7. The most important time in the day to consume carbohydrates for muscle growth is:

  8. Which fat sources should you avoid to optimize muscle growth?

  9. You should not consume carbohydrates in the evening time because they'll make you fat.

  10. An optimal meal frequency for muscle growth is eating…

  11. Immediately after a workout, is it better to consume liquid or whole food nutrition?

  12. Which food is not considered a “superfood?”

  13. Cheat meals are a great way to help you build muscle.

  14. It is possible to gain pure muscle mass without any fat during a bulk.

  15. All calories are created equal.



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